Meet Denver


NEW YORK CITY – From my first day working at Cargo, I noticed that all the members of the Cargo team had one commonality - a love for our drivers. I was given the chance to interact with our drivers both online and in-person, and quickly grew to appreciate them in the same way. This past week, I spoke with Denver Duncan - one of our most prominent Cargo drivers. My goal going in to the conversation was to get to know him better, and to help everyone appreciate him, and the rest of our drivers, as much as we do.

Denver is originally from the small town of Whitehall, Wisconsin. He served in the army for 20 years before retiring in 2011. After taking some time off for himself, he moved to North Dakota in 2012 and started working in the oil fields as a fracker. A few years later, the oil boom in North Dakota came to a halt, and Denver decided to relocate once again.

Denver had previously met his wife-to-be in Minneapolis and took this as the perfect opportunity to move there to be with her. He took his three-quarter ton truck, moved his life to Minneapolis, and started looking for work. For the next few years, Denver worked at the VA and as a cross country bus driver. When Uber touched ground in Minnesota in 2014, Denver jumped at the opportunity and became one of the first Uber drivers in Minneapolis. He began part time, but eventually transitioned to driving full time for both Uber and Lyft.

I asked Denver where he’d first heard about Cargo, and he said that his circle of friends had been talking about it. He explained that ride-share drivers are a community, and that they often share tips and tricks with each other. Drivers collectively decide which opportunities are worth pursuing, and which are a waste of time. Initially, Denver was skeptical about Cargo. He couldn’t believe that it was actually free to use, and that he would be paid even for selling free products. After repeatedly hearing about it from his friends, he decided to give it a go. Denver signed up with Cargo in September of 2017. Cargo didn’t go live in Minneapolis until November of the same year, and Denver made his first sale on December 2nd. It wasn’t long before he fell in love with Cargo and became one of it’s biggest supporters.

Since then, Denver has fully immersed himself in Cargo - he’s made videos with tips on how to successfully pitch Cargo to riders, and has even gone as far as to create a Facebook group for Cargo drivers. His mantra is to pitch Cargo to every rider and every driver, and that’s exactly what he does.

Denver told me that he’s working part-time for Uber and Lyft again. He started a new job at a local company, and there’s a funny and inspiring story behind how that happened. One day when Denver was driving for ride-share, he gave a ride to a guy going to the airport. Denver introduced himself and proceeded to give the same high quality service that he gives to all of his riders - asking whether the temperature was okay, if they wanted anything to eat or drink, etc. This rider took notice of the excellent service and knew that he wanted Denver to be a part of his company. He told Denver that he was the CEO of a new, local delivery company, and that he wanted Denver on board.

When I asked Denver what his favourite ride-share memory/experience was, he wasn’t able to answer with a single experience. He’s lived in Minneapolis for a while and knows all of the roads in and out - his favourite experience is being able to share this knowledge and help people get to their destinations.

Driving is much more than a job. It is an opportunity to meet people, to bring joy to their lives, and to make travelling an easier and less stressful event for them. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his desire to improve the lives of others shines through in every conversation.