Cargo for Drivers

Help us raise
the (protein) bar.

Earn extra income through orders and sales commissions.
Qualified rideshare drivers get a free Cargo Store and replenishments.


Cargo Driver Benefits

Extra earnings. For free.

We want to help rideshare drivers provide a premium experience to their riders.

100% free (no payment required)

Sales bonuses

Cashless transactions

Referral bonuses

Free product shipments

Earn extra 5-star ratings

Built-in tipping

Payouts twice a month

Free product shipments

Earn extra 5-star ratings

Built-in tipping

Payouts twice a month


NEW IN 2019

It's like,
really cool.

Cargo Coolers now available to all drivers.


Cargo provides all the equipment for free. Why use Cargo?

Drivers get a free Cargo Store
and free product shipments once approved.
Products range from snacks, small electronic accessories, personal care, energy, and beauty products that keep your riders comfortable throughout their trip.

Cargo Driver Earnings

Distribute more.
Earn more.

Drivers earn money each time a rider orders through the Cargo Store. Even with free samples. Plus commission on retail sales. Plus referrals. Plus tips. Plus additional bonus opportunities.


Per Referral



Drivers receive payouts from Cargo every week. Receive 100% of the tips you make through the Cargo Store. No monthly fees, no commitments, no surprises.

Cargo Store

Introduce. Distribute. Earn.

No downloads. No cash. No signups for riders.
Every day is an easy opportunity to earn more money and better ratings.

Riders scan the QR code or Snapcode, or go to on their browser to start shopping.
They shop, checkout, then the driver hands over the purchased items when it is safe to do so.

QR and Snapcodes® are available in select markets only.
Drivers will only hand the products to riders when it is safe to do so.

Cargo Difference

Why use Cargo?

We provide the free Cargo Store, products, earnings and support to upgrade to your rideshare service so you don't have to. 

We help brands distribute their products to premium riders. Cargo works with brands to stay efficient and keep costs low while helping drivers earn extra money.


Are you a rideshare driver?
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