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Jasper Wheeler

Jasper is a highly technical industrial designer with 12 years of experience developing products, from concept to shelf, for companies ranging from Fortune 500 homeware retailers to venture-backed hardware startups. His design philosophy is to use iterative model-making and prototyping processes to create production-ready designs. He lives in Brooklyn with his fiancee and two adorable dogs, where he attends every concert. Ever.

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Eric Aleman

Before joining the ride-share industry, Eric studied mathematics at the University of Michigan and consulted for various early-stage startups. He has previously worked on NSF-backed research and National Nuclear Security Administration projects with some of the leading scientists from NASA, Harvard, MIT, and the DOE. Outside of Cargo, Eric is an olympic weightlifter, powerlifter, and ravenous eater.

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Stuart Clark

After successfully dropping out of college, Stuart pursued an operations and technology career at Birchbox. During his five year tenure, Stuart led design and implementation of various scalable back-end systems and integrations supporting distribution to well over a million monthly subscribers across multiple countries. Recently, Birchbox’s Most Mysterious has been busy spearheading development at Cargo and perfecting the Old Fashioned.

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