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Get extra earnings
with the Cargo Box

in Los Angeles

Get a Cargo Box

Join 5,000 rideshare drivers in Los Angeles
who already use the Cargo service for free

Get better earnings, tips, and ratings by handing out products ordered from your mini convenience store.

Speed up your
rideshare earnings

Install the box, have riders order from the Cargo Store website, then hand out their products. Earn from each order, even with free items.

Get a Cargo Box

We'll provide
everything you need

Receive a Cargo Box filled with products and access the Cargo Store website.

Get a Cargo Box

No more buying
things for riders

We keep track and automatically send you products when you’re running low.

Get a Cargo Box

No cash

All orders go through the Cargo website. Earnings are directly deposited every week in your bank account too.

Get a Cargo Box

Come meet
the team

We have several locations nationwide where you can meet and talk to a Cargo Team Member. We can help you with any feedback, questions or concerns.

Find a Cargo hub location

Easy to get started.
Free for drivers
in Los Angeles.

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How the Cargo Box works


Sign Up and
Get a Cargo Box

Activate and install the box
on your center console.


Riders order from
the Cargo Store

Receive a text summary
of their order.


Distribute and Earn

Hand over the products they
ordered and earn.*

*Drivers will only hand the products to riders when it is safe to do so. Drivers may not complete any transactions on airport property.

Made for
rideshare drivers
in Los Angeles.

Don't take our word for it.
Listen to what these drivers have to say about the Cargo Box.

5,000 LA drivers and counting...

Tweet by @adambryceyuro

Just got my #getcargo Now I can make extra money [while] I #Uber and #Lyft

@adambryceyuro, Twitter

Cargo has been a blessing! You guys help me pay for my oil change, gas, and new tires. I really appreciate the service you provide.

Barbara, Cargo Driver Survey

I live in a college town and the students are going crazy over Cargo!

Peter, Cargo Driver Survey

Instagram Post by @crafty_mommy_blogger

First time I see this #GetCargo Box in an @Uber ride. I just had to head to the site, enter the box number, and then wait for my driver to hand over the free snacks 😂 #Snacks #Foodie #UberRides

@crafty_mommy_blogger, Instagram

My riders are so impressed with the amount of effort I’ve put in and respond through ratings, compliments, and tips. Goals met!

David, Cargo Driver Survey

@GetCargoToday I just wanted to find you guys on social media and say thank you so much for adding Joy to my passengers exp. money in my pocket. five-star ratings, tips, and happy comments on my rideshare account

@WildDuces234, Twitter

Instagram Post by @radmancan

I am now a vending machine on wheels 😂 #cargo #getcargo

@radmancan, Instagram

Everything Cargo has said they would do, they’ve delivered on. My ratings have gone up, my tips, have gone up, and I’m making more money! The bright shinning box is like a magnet every time people get in the car. Passengers are so excited that I have products in the car but are ecstatic when they realize they can get products for free. I’m really excited to be a part of this so keep up the good work!

Douglas, Cargo Driver Survey

There’s definitely no more awkward silence rides it’s a great conversation piece thanks for such a great idea!

Britt, Cargo Driver Survey

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"I literally have to do nothing except pass out cookies and collect money. So this one’s a no-brainer."

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"Cargo Box is a great way to boost your ratings, increase your tips, and improve your passenger’s experience overall."

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"Cargo lets drivers sell goods like snacks and personal care items to riders"

"Cargo enables drivers to earn extra money and potentially receive higher ratings"


"He earns an additional $100 to $300 per month by using Cargo, which pays him a monthly rate for selling products like snacks and headphones to passengers."

"Uber and Cargo are Teaming Up to Raise the (Protein) Bar"

Get Cargo today!

Join over 5,000 rideshare drivers in Los Angeles
earning extra money with the Cargo Box.

Get a Cargo Box


No. The Cargo Box and its products does not and will not cost you anything.

First of all, you'll need to buy your own products. Then you need to keep track of them and figure out a way to collect the money. Lastly, you have to deal with expired items. Cargo does all of that for you.

Cargo's proprietary software automatically sends you more products as you start to run low. There may be delays if our system is still learning your selling history or if we're in the process of preparing a replacement product.

Contact Cargo Support at to receive a prepaid return label if you no longer wish to use the Cargo Box.