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Company Overview

Our mission is to upgrade the rideshare experience.

We built a rare win-win business: drivers earn money by distributing samples and retail items to their riders, riders enjoy instant convenience, rideshare companies improve driver and rider retention, and brands gain a new distribution channel.


Series A – a year in review.

One year after launch, Cargo now partners with over 12,000 drivers — more unique storefronts than 7-Eleven operates in North America. Riders have ordered over 2 million products through the Cargo Store and today, transact every five seconds with us. Due to their eager consumption, drivers across 10 U.S. cities have earned more than $2.4 million dollars.

To fuel our growth, we’ve secured exclusive deals with the world’s top brands — including Kellogg’s, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, and Coca Cola — and rideshare companies, like Uber.

We’re thrilled to partner with Founders Fund, Coatue, and Aquiline for our Series A to bring Cargo to millions of drivers and riders globally. The next generation on-trip experience is just around the corner.
— Jeff Cripe, Cargo Founder and CEO

Cargo and Uber Unveil Exclusive Global Partnership.
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Cargo Vision

The instant commerce platform
connecting millions of riders
with millions of products every day.


Riders spent approximately
2+ billion hours in-car in 2017.
This number is expected to grow
exponentially with the rise
of autonomous vehicles (AV).


Looking ahead.

As the AV era dawns and vehicles become “mobile space on wheels,” the opportunity to provide the same content and commerce that already exists in the airline industry will need to be created for the rideshare industry.

We aim to be that provider but on a much larger scale.


Cargo is backed by leaders
in retail and mobility.


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