Uber strikes exclusive deal with Cargo on in-car commerce

Partnering with Uber solves two problems for Cargo: It helps the startup reach drivers directly and gives it an endorsement by a well-known ride-hailing company. Some drivers may have been wary that Uber or Lyft wouldn't approve of their in-car side sales, but now it'll be easier for the Cargo to reach drivers through the exclusive deal. Currently, customers request and pay for the items through Cargo's mobile site, but it's not a stretch to see how Uber could one day integrate a Cargo purchasing functionality into its core app, which would likely lead to higher adoption by riders and more sales.

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Mars, Kellogg’s, Pepsi line up to ride with Uber for new in-car commerce deal

Kellogg’s,Mars and Pepsi have been named as selected vendors looking to take advantage of a deal Uber worked out with in-car commerce startup Cargo in news announced today (July 19).

The partnership came as Cargo has expanded its operations to San Francisco and Los Angeles, to provide snacks, beverages, electronics and beauty products to riders. Drivers have registered with the year-old company starting today to pick up Cargo boxes at Uber Greenlight Hubs in the two California cities.

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Uber начал сотрудничать со стартапом Cargo, благодаря чему водители смогут продавать пассажирам полезные товары прямо во время поездки

В Украине сервис Uber воспринимается исключительно как служба заказа такси, тогда как в США и других странах Uber может также привезти еду (UberEats), выдать напрокат электровелосипед Jump или скутер Lime, а с этой недели еще и продать пассажиру полезные мелочи, вроде закусок, наушников, зарядок для смартфонов и т.д.

Данная услуга уже предоставляется совместно со стартапом Cargo в Лос-Анджелесе и Сан-Франциско, постепенно география покрытия сервиса расширится на Нью-Йорк, Атланту, Даллас и другие крупные города США. Чтобы участвовать в данной программе, водитель должен быть активным участником программы Uber со средней оценкой не менее 4,7 балла.

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Uber equips drivers with Cargo snack boxes

In its quest to help drivers make more money on the job, Uber has inked a deal with Cargo, a startup that provides ride-hailing drivers with boxes of snacks and items passengers can purchase. 

The bottom line: Earnings are drivers' top priority, so it's in Uber's best interest to help them earn more. In turn, this can motivate drivers to work more hours, which benefits Uber (and it doesn't have to fund these incentives itself).

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Uber Beauty Products Are Here To Give You Lips As Smooth As Your Ride

Today, it was revealed via a press release that Uber and in-car commerce provider Cargo have struck a global partnership that will "delight riders with snacks, beverages, electronics, and beauty products while on a trip." Essentially, Cargo will provide drivers with boxes filled with the aforementioned products that can be strapped onto armrests. When a rider enters the car they can simply scan the barcode on the top of the box with their phones to see what's inside. About 30% of the box's content will be free samples that brands have paid Cargo to distribute, while the remaining offerings will only run riders a few bucks on average.

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Need a Snack or Phone Charger? Ask Your Uber Driver

Ever hop in an Uber and realize you totally forgot to bring your headphones, phone charger, or a snack? Your driver may be able to help.

Some drivers already offer things like water or gum to passengers on their own dime. But Uber today announced it's partnering with a company called Cargo to let drivers offer riders free samples and items for purchase. Drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles can get a free Cargo box filled with snacks, small electronic accessories, personal care items, energy, and beauty products to place in the center console of their vehicles.

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Uber partners with in-vehicle commerce start-up Cargo to sell snacks to riders

It's not uncommon to encounter Uber drivers offering riders a bottle of water or a piece of gum but up to this point, the perks have been on the rider's dime. With Cargo, drivers will have the opportunity to sell snacks to riders and make a profit in the process.

Uber is offering its drivers yet another opportunity to earn revenue while simultaneously enhancing the rider experience through a new partnership with Cargo.

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Uber drivers can sell you goods during your ride

Don't be surprised if you get a sales pitch the next time you step into an Uber car. The ridesharing service has formed a partnership with Cargo to give drivers free boxes full of goods they can sell to passengers through a mobile app, ranging from snacks to phone chargers -- if you didn't get a bite to eat before leaving for the airport, you won't have to wait to get your fix. Drivers in Los Angeles and San Francisco can pick up the boxes today at Uber's support centers (known as Greenlight Hubs), and there are plans to expand to other cities with Cargo service (including New York City, Atlanta and Dallas).

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Ubers Are Becoming Traveling Convenience Stores

Uber is making it easy for drivers in San Francisco and Los Angeles to grab a center console box full of snacks and electronics for riders to buy and sample.

Uber is partnering with Cargo, a service that provides drivers with free boxes stocked with snacks and small electronics like mobile chargers. Drivers can offer free samples but riders can also buy something from the box directly through the Cargo app on their phones.

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Uber has a plan to help drivers make an extra $100 a month by letting them sell you snacks and other necessities straight from their cars

Since last year, Cargo has been providing drivers with ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft with boxes of goodies to sell to passengers. Now, with its exclusive partnership with Uber, drivers working for the behemoth can register with Cargo if they choose and pick up Cargo boxes at Uber's Greenlight Hubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Uber Strikes Exclusive Deal With Cargo To Bring Snacks To Riders

Cargo wants to turn Uber vehicles into portable vending machines, and it's now teamed up with Uber to do it. On Thursday, New York-based startup Cargo announced that it now has an exclusive partnership with Uber to distribute its snack-filled mini vending machines to drivers through Uber's driver hubs where drivers go to sign up and get support. In return, Uber will receive some equity in Cargo if it hits certain milestones.

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Uber and Cargo Unveil Exclusive Partnership

SAN FRANCISCO—July 19, 2018 12:00PM EST—Cargo, the startup that provides in-car commerce to the rideshare economy, today announced an exclusive global partnership with Uber. The partnership comes as Cargo expands operations to San Francisco and Los Angeles, and aims to delight riders with snacks, beverages, electronics, and beauty products while on a trip.

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