Cargo and Grab partner to bring in-car sampling and retail to Singapore


Cargo and Grab launch Grab&Go in Singapore, enabling Grab driver-partners to earn additional income by providing daily essentials like snacks, beverages and beauty products to passengers.

Singapore – May 16, 2018 - argo and Grab today announced a partnership to introduce Grab&Go to Singapore, a new passenger experience that enables Grab driver-partners to earn additional income by offering products like snacks, beverages and beauty items to passengers.
This is also Cargo’s first international expansion.

Through this partnership, passengers will be able to choose from a mix of complimentary samples and premium retail products when riding in Grab&Go-equipped vehicles. Passengers enjoy the perks of having everyday essentials within arm’s reach, and Grab driver-partners earn money each time a passenger uses Grab&Go, regardless of whether they made a purchase or took something for free. This will allow Grab driver-partners to earn an additional SGD75 - 250 each month, and improve their ratings, by providing these items to passengers.

Passengers order products through Grab&Go’s digital menu ( on their smartphone. The ordering process is seamless: passengers select the products that they’d like to purchase, enter a unique 5-digit code to ensure payment goes to the right driver, and the additional cost is added to the passenger’s final Grab fare. Once the vehicle is safely stopped, the driver passes the passenger their products.

“As we grew, validated Cargo's model in the U.S., and raised additional capital, we worked hard with Grab to create a viable international expansion model,” says Cargo Founder Jeff Cripe. “Through co-branded licensing deals with global rideshare leaders like Grab, we will help drivers earn more, create a new distribution channel for brands, and develop the next generation of passenger experience worldwide.”

Grab has empowered more than 6 million micro-entrepreneurs across the region, by allowing them to earn revenue through the Grab platform. This partnership with Cargo will allow Grab driver-partners to earn more passive income, while helping to create a better in-car experience for its passengers. Following the Singapore Grab&Go launch, the two companies also plan to expand the offering in other Southeast Asian markets.

“At Grab, we are always thinking about ways to better serve our customers. We’re excited to partner with Cargo to deliver more value to our passengers, while increasing the number of income streams available to our driver-partners. It’s a win-win for both drivers and passengers, and we are looking forward to bringing this experience to all our customers in Southeast Asia,” says Nash Islam, Head of Regional Advertising, Grab.

Grab&Go has partnered with brands such as Kellogg’s, Biore UV, Novu and Unilever’s Lux Luminique (Japan’s No. 1 haircare brand) to distribute complimentary products to Grab passengers. Passengers can expect items such as Nutty Chocolate cereal bars, Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum APF 50+ PA+++, Novu Bloomin’ Good mask for skin regeneration, the new Lux Luminique Botanical haircare range and more, at zero cost to them.

For brands, Grab&Go is an opportunity to reach more users in the growing Southeast Asia market, by making their products more readily available to Grab passengers.

Cargo’s expansion to Singapore through the Grab partnership follows successful introductions in key U.S. rideshare markets, including New York; Boston; Chicago; Minneapolis; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Atlanta and Dallas. To date, Cargo has raised $8.5 million in venture funding to scale operations more rapidly across the U.S and international markets. The startup will reach more than 25 million passengers across 20,000 vehicles in 2018.